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You’re not alone.

If you believe a strong educational foundation is critical for a child’s success, you’ve come to the right place.

Although this site was founded by Idaho educators, it was designed with the understanding that no one cares more about the success of Idaho’s students than those children’s own parents. We wanted to have a safe place for parents, students and educators to come together to share ideas, ask questions, and learn about challenges and opportunities we face. Join us as we support each other in our goal of making Idaho’s public schools the best they can be.

Together, we can. Together, we are.

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Is there an Idaho teacher, administrator, or a support staff member who has had a positive impact in your or your student’s life? We hope you’ll take this time to personally and publicly recognize and thank them. We’ll make sure they get the message.

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Idaho State Statistics

If you believe Idaho’s educators are doing the best they can teaching Idaho’s children, you’re not alone. While these rankings are disappointing, we believe we can improve them. Let’s work together for positive change.

Graphic depicting Idaho 39th in nation in average public school teacher pay

in average public school teacher pay.

Graphic depicting Idaho as 46th in nation in teacher student ratio

in teacher to student ratio.

Graphic depicting Idaho 51st in nation in per-student funding

among the 50 states and DC in per-student funding.

“Idaho’s public schools are incredible places for students to see themselves as engineers and scientists, poets and writers, artists and innovators.”

Thank You

Jorge Pulleiro, 2021 Teacher of the Year

Thank You

Educators in Idaho

Thank You

Educators in Idaho

Thank You

Educators in Idaho

Thank You

Thank You.

Idaho’s Educators, Parents and students overcame difficult challenges and found innovative solutions to deal with a changing world. Thank you for all you do.
Together We Can

Together. We Can.

Students, Parents, and Educators. Together. We Can. No matter the circumstances we can come together to give our students and educators the schools they deserve.
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Together, we can.

Five Things That Will Improve Our Children’s Education

Every student in every classroom in every part of the state deserves the same access to a quality education and the opportunity to achieve their potential. Not just those in affluent districts, but all students, regardless of economic status, geographic location, race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, or any other circumstance. The Idaho constitution mandates that the state provide a “thorough and uniform” public education, but right now they are failing to do so. Public schools should be inclusive, and should provide hope and opportunity for every student, not just a select few.

No one likes being in last place, but that is where we find ourselves. Idaho is 51st among the 50 states and the District of Columbia in per student funding. Despite recent improvements, Idaho public schools have never really recovered from the Great Recession or gained ground on surrounding states. With rapid enrollment growth and inflation factored in, recent budget increases approved by the legislature have not moved the needle. Let’s work together to make sure our children and our state do not fall behind.

A well-trained, high-quality educator is the number one factor in student growth and success, but Idaho’s attrition rate for teachers is above the national average. Idaho ranks in the bottom fifth among states in average teacher salary and many educators have grown weary of being marginalized and disrespected. About a third of Idaho teachers said recently they are considering leaving the profession. Let’s work on becoming a first choice rather than a last resort.

There are many professional educators who make up the team that helps our students learn and grow. Counselors, psychologists, nurses, bus drivers, custodial staff, nutrition services workers, paraeducators, and others combine forces to help students reach their full potential. Unfortunately, we don’t have nearly enough of these important people. And many support staff workers are paid so poorly that turnover and instability are common for these vital positions. Our children and our professional educators deserve better.

Idaho has the sixth largest average class size in the nation, which means teachers have less time and opportunity to provide the individualized instruction our students deserve. One-on-one guidance, extra help when needed, encouragement and support, and close attention to mental and emotional health are all beneficial to students—but only if teachers have the bandwidth to provide them. Let’s make sure our students get the individual attention they deserve and our teachers don’t spend half their day directing traffic.

“When legislators and community leaders work together with educators, positive and lasting change happens in the ecosystem of public education.”

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“Public school systems exist at the heart of our communities in Idaho”